Internet Pharmacy Directory


Walgreens -
Drug store chain. Features online buying facilities, career opportunities, company news, and investor information.
Medco Health Solutions, Inc. -
Mail order pharmacy. -
A drugstore with a world of products and the expertise to help you find what you need. Health, beauty, wellness, personal care and pharmacy.
CVS Pharmacy -
Online version of the retail chain. Prescriptions, health, personal care, and gift items available online. Also provides health news and information from WebMD.
Duane Reade Pharmacy -
Online ordering and information.
Sav-On Drugs Online Pharmacy -
Health, wellness and beauty information on-line, along with an Internet Drugstore and online prescriptions through our online pharmacy.
Genesis Pharmaceuticals -
Online store for skin care products. Access ID required from physician for ordering.
Medicap Pharmacy -
Online pharmacy and national franchise. Wellness information is also available.
Discount Prescription -
Offering a variety of prescription drugs.
PharmaCare Quality Pharmacy Benefits -
Order prescription drugs online. Maintenance drug mail order pharmacy.
AARP Pharmacy Services -
Pharmacy for prescription, non prescription and other healthcare products. Delivery available.
Cross Border Pharmacy -
Offering prescription and over the counter drugs, diabetes supplies, vitamins, and herbal medications.
Hocks Vandalia Pharmacy -
Sells blood pressure monitors, glucometer, diabetic and medical supplies. -
Find pharmacy products that are difficult or expensive to buy in the U.S. or overseas, unique Canadian products and complimentary medicines.
Express Chemist -
Conventional over the counter medicines, as well as complementary medicines, vitamins and minerals. -
Medicines not available in your country can be found at our International Pharmacy.
Pharmacy 2U -
Offers a range of vitamins, medicines and perfumes. Catalogue with shopping cart and advice on embarrassing problems. Prescription items shipped in UK only.
Maple Leaf Pharmacy -
Prescription medication, pharmaceutical supplies and online drugstore. Serving American and Canadian prescription drugs and e-commerce pharmaceutical products.
Care For Life -
Provides products and therapies designed to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.
Postal Prescription Services -
Mail-order pharmacy that fills prescriptions and sells supplements. -
Carries a range of hard-to-find items such as Balneol, Efanatal and Kinerase.
NetDr -
Online consultations and prescriptions for sexual dysfunction, male-pattern baldness, and weight loss. -
Shop for personal care and drugstore needs including, prescriptions and nutrition.
North Pharmacy Inc. -
Offers perscription and over the counter medications, as well as beauty products.
Fort Garry Pharmacy -
Offering delivery to Canada and the United States. Includes a price list and ordering forms.
An Eye On Health -
Wellness-directed medical, health, skin care and personal enhancement professionals. An e-community, including news, articles and health store.
Rite Care Pharmacy -
Full service retail pharmacy with online sales of nutritional supplements, homeopathic and magnetic therapy products.
Global RX -
An international mail order pharmacy offering FDA approved drugs, medical-surgical supplies and laboratory instruments.
CCS Medical -
Provides patients with products and services, delivery and customer care for diabetic and respiratory needs. Sign up by telephone only.
Albany International Clinic -
Licenced pharmacy supplying prescription drugs internationally. Specialists in hormone and potency treatments. Located in Prestwich, Manchester.
infoHealth -
UK retailer of health care and beauty products.
ePharmacy -
Australian online pharmacy selling health and beauty supplies, and prescription medicines. Prescriptions must be provided by an Australian physician.
NetPharmacy New Zealand -
Supplying health and beauty products. Prescription medicines are sold to New Zealand residents only.
Fifty50 Pharmacy -
Online pharmacy specializing in diabetes with diabetic products like insulin pumps, carrying cases. -
Discounted brand name prescription medications, by mail order from Mexico.
OneWorldRx -
Canadian pharmacy provider, offering brand and generic names. -
Retail mail order Pharmacy supplying teeth whitening, tooth bleaching, zinaxin, voltaren emulgel, and other medications. -
Online consultations and medications.
My Canadian Drugstore -
A Canadian Online Pharmacy dispensing prescription and nonprescription medications to residents of the US. Prices and ordering instructions included.
Health Meds -
Offers over-the-counter and prescription drugs, health information, and a health newsletter.
WebRx Pharmacy Palace -
Vitamins, herbal supplements, and supplies. Includes a message board for questions and answers.
RxbyFax -
Offering prescription drugs. No narcotics or sedatives and legal prescription is mandatory. Canadian based.
Priority Pharmacy -
Refills any prescription, offers non-prescription products, free refill reminder.
Health Plus Pharmacy -
Internet-based mail-order pharmacy providing confidential script-free access to a range of medications.
Home -
Australian online pharmacy selling health and beauty supplies, and prescription medicines. Prescriptions must be provided by an Australian physician.
United Pharmacies -
Supplies a wide range of popular medications.
Caldwellness Pharmacy -
Specializes in prescription service, customized medications, nutritional products including vitamins, mineral and herbals, dental specialties, extensive home healthcare supplies.
Nazareth Pharmacy -
We provide prescription services, durable medical equipment, diabetes supplies through Diabetes Shoppe, vitamins, herbal medications and gifts. Ordering can be done on-line, by phone or directly at our store. -
Offering a wide variety of drugs. Includes health information and policies.
Doctor's Cold Sore Medicine -
Offers cold sore and acne solutions. -
Offers Viagra, Uprima, Xenical, Proscar, Propecia, Prozac, Finasteride and Zyban. Buy medicaments without prescription via mail-order.
The Online Pharmacy -
Dedicated to providing you with outstanding service and value. For all your pharmaceutical needs at amazing prices.
International Antiaging Systems -
Supplies many drugs by mail order. Prescription not required.
MediMart Pharmacy -
Online Canadian pharmacy, offering online prescription and pharmacy services for Canada and the United States.
Medications4less -
American Company offering Canadian prescription drugs. -
Offers prescription medicines and general health products for men, women, and children.
24/7 Pharmacy -
Sells prescription medicine for treating sleeping disorders, helping with weight loss, relieving pain and other conditions.
Finlandia Pharmacy -
Specializes in online orders for naturopathic, herbal, natural supplements. Ships prescriptions and supplements worldwide.
Preferred Rx Pharmacy -
Mail-order pharmacy saving patients time and money since 1988 on prescription drugs and diabetic supplies.
ITpharmacy -
A range of medications, some prescription medicines, no codine. Delivery world wide.
True North Pharmacy -
Canadian located store offers a variety of drug choices.
Scrip Pharmacy -
Offers prescriptions, health and beauty items, vitamins, and home healthcare supplies.
Planetdrugsdirect -
Discount prescription drugs for international customers.
Drug Mart Canada -
Offering a wide variety of drugs from Toronto based business.
Wilkinsons Pharmacy -
Sell Rogaine, headway, nicorette, imedeen, cellasene, seatone, deer velvet, berocca and other pharmaceutical products.
Smart Med -
Prescription and non-prescription medications filled by pharmacy located in Manitoba, Canada.
Midland Pharmacy -
Offering perscription drugs, as well as pet medications. Includes a FAQ section and refill information.
Anti-Aging-Drugs. com -
Features a European online pharmacy for health and longevity products.
CanAmerica Drugs -
Offers brand and generic medications, as well as diabetic products.
California Pharmacy -
A compounding pharmacy that specializes in natural horomones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Located in Newport Beach, CA.
Med Outlet Canada -
Featuring prescription drugs, OTC medications, and health care items. Ships to the USA and Canada.
Global Drugs and Pharmacy -
Supplies pharmaceutical and health care products world-wide by mail order via Internet.
Euro Pharmacy -
From Europe, delivers quality medications. Prescription service available
Artex Medical -
Specializing in diabetic and respiratory supplies, and associated healthcare products.
Pharmcom -
Online pharmacy supplying pharmacy medicines, including Xenical and Propecia. No prior prescription required. -
Offering a variety of prescription medications. Accepts refills and new orders.
Healthfull Lifestyle -
Medical Internet Pharmacy providing prescribed medicines, vitamins and food supplements.
Health Chemist -
Fragrances, vitamins and supplements and a large range of pharmacy items.
Almarc Drugs -
Offers prescription medication and includes infertility information.
Aliton's Online Pharmacy -
Medical and pharmaceutical equipment and supplies.
PharmNet -
Where pharmacy comes first, internet second.
MedQuest Pharmacy -
A compounding pharmacy specializing in anti-aging and longevity pharmaceuticals, health, fitness, and online educational information.
Rive rCity Meds -
Offers prescriptions drugs.
Allard's Bell Park Pharmacy -
Offers prescription refills, nutritional supplements, and general pharmaceuticals. -
Provides medicines, vitamins,and cosmetics as well as other health care products. Free advice offered and information about the items listed.
The-Drugstore.Com -
Offering non-prescription medications and health care products.
Rapido Pharmacy -
Sales of prescription and over the counter medicines. A doctor's prescription is required on all prescriptions medication.
Giannottos Pharmacy -
Sales of prescription medicines, mineral supplements, and veterinary drugs.
Mt Albert Pharmacy -
Online chemist shop. Provides a wide selection of hair care, skincare, and general health products.
Schicker's Unichem Pharmacy -
Products for weight control, skin and hair care, allergies and arthritis. Also sells sports supplements.
Laurel Prescriptions -
Supplier for Cadd infusion pumps, infertility drugs, vaginal inserts for vaginismus and bathroom safety products.
Drugs and Docs -
Prescription renewals online using your doctor and your pharmacy in Ontario, Canada only.
Kinnard's Pharmacy -
Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT) and compounding specialists.
NetChemist -
New Zealand pharmacy offers cosmetics, prescriptions, and vitamins. -
Offers health products and herbal tablets, prescription drugs, health, beauty, weight control and nutrition products.
Darrington Pharmacy -
Athlete's foot, vitamins, arthritis pain, hand care, insect repellents, atrial fibrillation, menopause, osteoporosis.
4 Corners Pharmacy -
Features pharmaceutical needs and includes both prescription and non-prescription medication. -
A comprehensive online pharmacy offering branded RX drugs with no prescription and no consultation fee.
Overseas-online-pharmacy -
Pain relief, allergy, stop smoking and sexual health.
FirstChemist -
An Online pharmacy based in Gisborne, New Zealand. Ships worldwide.
HHCS Health Group -
A full-service pharmacy, disease management and medical management company encompassing the cystic fibrosis pharmacy, medi-paws pet pharmacy, and a vitamin and supplements pharmacy program for homeopathic medicine.
Pharmacy Geoff -
The mail order division of the Geoff Williamson Pharmacy offering Xenical, Propecia and Rogaine.
Westbury Pharmacy -
Online pharmacy in Richmond, Virginia with extensive giftshop and Christmas store. Credit Cards accepted, and ships internationally.
Medicine Express -
Supplies many commonly available medicines including Zovirax, Propecia and Xenical.
Pharmac Direct -
Offering prescription medication, hair loss products, pain relief products, and stop smoking.
Healthy Choice Pharmacy -
Offering a wide variety of drugs.
Prescriptions Plus -
Specializing in Medicare prescriptions and supplies. Specific products include diabetic syringes, meters, control solutions and test strips; respiratory inhalers, nebulizers, and impotence medications and devices. -
Buy prescription drugs online including Viagra, Xenical, Retin A, Propecia, Ambien, Stilnox, Wellbutren, Zyban, Claritin, Anabolics, Sildenafil, Orlistat and Finasteride.
J.P.G Associates -
Offers viagra, propecia, zyban, orlistat, xenical, relenza, viacreme, reductil, and uprima.
Canadian Drugs Direct -
Offering a variety of prescription drugs.
Daniel's Pharmacy -
Online independent community pharmacy. Offering personal service with internet convenience. Information, prescriptions, alternative medicine, homeopathic remedies, natural/herbal products, vitamins, nutritionals, and health and beauty specials.
Losepain -
Online prescriptions for pain killers and medicine.
Mailbox Medicine, Inc. -
Generic medications packaged in dose of use packets, safe, sanitary and convenient. Complete line of first-aid products and kits.
Generics Online Pharmacy -
Offers generic versions of top selling pharmaceuticals with worldwide delivery and full refund scheme.
Overseas-Prescription -
Offers Viagra, Xanax, Meridian, and all other prescriptions and medications for weight loss, hair loss, impotence, sex-related illnesses.
American Lifestyle -
Featuring mail order medicines.
Grace Clinical Pharmacy -
A licensed Canadian pharmacy offering generic and brand name prescription and non-prescription medications. Registration is required and ordering instructions are provided.
Medic Discount, Inc. -
Offers mail order sales supplied from Canada.
Pharma Paradise -
Pharmacy online selling includes viagra, prilosec, prozac, xenical, propecia, celebrex, and carisoprodol. Includes drug information.
We Care Pharmacy -
Offering medical supplies, skin care, oral hygiene and wound care.
Sofimabel Healthcare Products and Services -
Offer health products such as weight loss products, air and water purification systems.
Medicine Express -
New Zealand based pharmacy features hay fever, pain relief, stomach relief, and skin treatments. Offers worldwide delivery.
Bill's Prescription Center -
Source for online prescriptions, pharmacy and drugstore products.
Farmacia de Pertis -
Online pharmacy specialized in dietary food products (for celiac disease and other pathologies) and herbal medicine: online shop, detailed scientific information and a herbal remedies search engine.
Chemist Direct -
Offering a range of vitamins, homoeopathy and aromatherapy products. -
Supplies a wide variety of medicines by mail order. Worldwide delivery.
Pharma-corp -
Offers pharmaceuticals without prescriptions. Has worldwide delivery.
Medshop Express -
Health and personal care items such as vitamins, nutritional items, non-prescription medicines, hair products, bath and body care.
Lerel Medical -
Provides prescription drugs, herbal products and other pharmaceuticals.
CDC Medicines (International) -
Specialists in hormone, weight loss and impotence treatments. Offers both prescription and non-prescription drugs. Located in The Netherlands.
AC Drugs -
Online drugstore that carries a wide range of popular medicines.
Minto Pharmacy -
No prescriptions are required and the prices are much lower than in America. -
Features the manufacturer of natural health, beauty, energy and anti-aging products for men and women that are known worldwide. Offers online ordering.
MedsNationwide -
Offering online doctor's consultations. Specializing in weight loss, and women and men's health. -
An assortment of prescription drugs are available from this online pharmacy.
BestCan Meds Ltd. -
Offering a wide variety of drugs. Includes support information and frequently asked questions.
Meds4U -
A Licensed Canadian Pharmacy providing American citizens with prescription and nonprescription medications. Includes prices, information, and ordering instructions.
Mensmed -
Learn about medical and non medicial treatments for male impotence, hair loss and weight control. Offers viagra, reductil, uprima, xenical, and propecia.
Black Oak Pharmacy -
Online store with nationwide shipping. Physician and veterinarian prescriptions available.
Northern Lights Prescriptions -
Canadian Pharmacy that offers a low cost alternative for purchasing your medications. Includes specifics on ordering and what to expect.
Freedom Drug -
Offers discount infertility treatments and medications. -
Community pharmacy and drugstore. Fill prescriptions, shop for personal care, health and wellness products.
AIRx Pharmacy -
Offers various nebulizer products.
Galloway Pharmacy -
Healthcare products and order refills on your prescriptions online.
Kool 'N' Fit -
Range of products that aid sports performance and give effective, natural relief from pain, including arthritis.
Otis Clapp Pharmaceuticals -
Analgesics, cold medicine, cough medication, internal relief aids, and topical treatments. Includes product glossary and quality summary.
Northside Pharmacy -
Provides a list of the 6 locations in Zaneville, OH. Refill prescriptions, research health information and order products.
Chase Drug -
Complete pharmaceutical care, immunization center and computerized blood pressure screening. Certified in diabetes and asthma management.
Health Enhancement Products -
Smart drugs, nootropics, anti-aging remedies, pharmaceuticals and other alternative health care products directly to the consumer by mail order. Located in Malta.
Budget Drug Store -
Online pharmacy, requires prescription number for orders. Local delivery available. Provides information on drug and health topics.
Imported -
Offers information and savings on generic equivalents to all major non-narcotic prescription drugs, from an overseas pharmacy. -
Operated by a Canadian pharmacy, offers a secure website to sell over the counter non prescription drugs in discounted Canadian prices, shipped globally.
Twenty Four Hour Drugstore -
A wide range of medications available without a prescription.
RB Health -
Offers online prescriptions, consultations and ordering for prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals, and health and beauty items.
Health Globe Corp. -
A pharmacy specializing in diet drugs, viagra and propecia.
IV and Pulmonary Prescription Providers -
Offers respiratory, diabetic and IV medications for private insurance and medicare patients.
Pharmacy4u -
Offers health, beauty and well-being products. Prescription medicines must be ordered by a New Zealand registered medical practitioner.
One HealthNet -
Prescription drugs ordered online.
Eliot Drug Company -
Online pharmacy, requires prescription number for orders. Provides information on drugs and health topics.
Columbine Drug -
Features a distributor of iontophoresis and phonophoresis drug products in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.
Self-Med RX -
Selection of non-prescription medications.
Medications Cheaper -
Offering Canadian drug delivery to the US. Includes comparison pricing, FAQ and testimonials.
LibertyScripts -
Offers multimedia content on therapeutic conditions and allows users to order drugs online.
The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy -
Pharmacy for obtaining HRT, books, vitamins, and herbs.
RX -
Includes generic products for diabetic and hypertension medications. Delivery offered within the US.
Immune Booster Club -
Herbal products that increases the immune system.
Hermespharma -
Offers generic and name brand medications. Includes a list of frequently asked questions.
Pharmacy of America -
US-based retailer offers generic medications. Includes a form to request information from a pharmacist.
Number One Drugstore Online -
Online drugstore selling prescription drugs without prescriptions required. -
Offering a wide range of popular medications with an online medical consultation given by a licensed board certified US based physicians. -
Prozac, Viagra, Xenical, Zyban, Propecia, plus many more medications.
Shop In Private -
An online pharmacy that specializes in products that are embarrassing to purchase in person.



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